Meizu M3 Tempered Glass Screen protector by Zyforce


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No matter how costly a mobile you use, the first thing that will satisfy you is the smoothness and responsiveness of its screen. Your mobile screen needs to be strong, seamless and smooth to have an uninterrupted view of the digital world. There is only one way you can enjoy such an experience: through the ultra-smooth surface of the glass. Tempered Glass Screen protector by Zyforce

  • The best material in the industry:?made from the 9h hardness material
  • Edge to Edge protection:?offers edge-to-edge protection. No need to worry about any part of the screen getting exposed.
  • Natural feel:?A natural feel and perfect fit with its 0.3mm thinness and 2.5D roundness.
  • Clarity:?Unlike others, Zyforce protectors don?t compromise with the clarity of the screen.
  • Touch sensitivity:?Ensures that the touch sensitivity of your mobile is not compromised.
  • Scratch resistance:?It is scratch resistance acts as a shield for your mobile
  • No bubbles while installing: Say goodbye to the irritating bubbles that form while installing.

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What is the use of having a costly mobile phone if you had to live in a fear that its screen will be harmed through scratches? And what is the use of a screen guard that protects the screen but reduces the touch sensitivity? With Tempered Glass Screen protector by Zyforce , you can heave a sigh of relief and stop living on fear or with compromise.Remember, The Costlier your mobile, the better shield it needs.

  • PERFECT FIT : Tempered Glass Screen protector by Zyforce supports superior coverage and gives perfect end to end protection
  • NATURAL APPEARANCE : The 0.3mm thinness gives your screen a very natural feel and the 2.5D round edge fits perfectly with the natural curve of your phones display and gives it an aesthetic appearance
  • HD CLARITY :Unlike some other screen protectors, Zyforce protectors don’t compromise with the clarity of the screen. It exhibits 100% transparency and retains the clarity & experience of original glass
  • WEAR RESISTANCE AND SCRATCH PROOF : Advanced tempering process provides strongest resistance from scratches and impact
  • OLEOPHOBIC AND HYDROPHOBIC COATING : Advanced coating and plating process provides excellent protection from oil droplets and dirt.
No need to run to a mobile shop to for installation

If you are able to wash your hands and keep them clean, there is no reason why you would not be able to install the screen protector yourself. Here is a step by step guide to install Lg G4-Stylus Tempered Glass Screen protector by Zyforce :

  • Wash your hands thoroughly and then wipe them dry
  • Clean your device screen with micro-fiber
  • Peel off the protective film from the BACK of the GLASS by using the tab marked ‘BACK’
  • Align the GLASS with your device by holding the edges of each and then gently place the GLASS on the screen
  • Gently PRESS the center of the glass. The adhesive will apply by itself. Smoothly sweep the surface till its bubble free.